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Shipchandlers provide only high quality products to our clients and   first class service in port Kavkaz.

We effectively manage the supply connections with the aim to provide you with products of superior quality food, whether fresh, frozen or canned foods.

We are ready to supply both local foreign producers, guaranteeing you a high quality of each item at a reasonable price and in time.

For a complete list of suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts.

Ship’s technical supply.

UMC  provides a direct supply from the producer with the whole spectrum of certified ship’s  equipment, components, spare parts, supplies and materials.
•   Material and technical supply of vessels in full volume
•   Emergency ,rescue and fire equipment
•   Rigging products
•   Spare details
•   Working clothes
•   Test and Measurement devices
•   Electric devices
•   Anchor equipment and accessories and hardware
•   And many other services

Please note ,that our company has the practice to work with the client individually such practice let us to work with the wide range of demands.
High quality products and flexible pricing policy will satisfy any client. We offer various forms of cooperation and look forward to your orders and offers.