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Forwarding services - an integral part of foreign economic activity, so it is necessary to organize, track cargo and preparation of ship’s documents in time and with maximum efficiency. Forwarding services (FS) - activities in the field of maritime transport, covering the entire range of operations and services for the delivery of cargo from shipper to consignee. The need to transport the expedition due to the fact that the process of delivery of cargo from the shipper to the consignee , as a rule, consists of several stages of transportation , including cargo transshipment from one vessel to another vessel. Thus there is a necessity  to organize and coordinate of the implementation of these steps and in the implementation of related transportation process of added works such as road transshipment of  cargo from river vessels on the large-capacity sea vessels.

Our company can arrange for the Client as a full range of services , delivery of cargo " door to door " , as well as the individual steps connected  with shipping. Through years of experience and well-coordinated work of the staff of our company , we are fully exempt cargo owners from non-core functions related to the organization of delivery cargo from the Azov Sea ports to port Kavkaz , transshipment cargo from class river-sea vessels in the large-capacity ships, registration of transport and shipping documentation for the goods , which allows our clients to avoid significant demurrage of vessels and demurrage charges.

Our company on behalf of the Client can perform the following services:
1. To organize the shipping from the Azov Sea ports to port Kavkaz , overload cargo from the river-sea class vessels in the tonnage vessels, as well as carrying out other works and services related to the delivery of the goods;
2. Services on transportation and other supporting documents on the goods in accordance with international standards and regulations; execution of documents required for the phytosanitary, veterinary and other controls in order to confirm the environmental safety of the transported goods; preparation of documents required for the transport of dangerous cargo ( DC) ;

Information and referral services on various aspects of delivery and loading cargo , providing information on the movement of goods , notification of shipment to the consignee's address, a message about the current whereabouts of the goods and the expected time of arrival of a seagoing vessel providing advice on legal , administrative and other matters related to the feasibility study .